Let IHM create a medical billing package to suit your specific practice needs.  Use all or a portion of the services we offer.

  • Data Entry:  IHM’s data entry team will enter daily charges and payments with speed and accuracy ensuring claims are submitted clean each time.
  • Claim Submission:  IHM will submit claims daily, checking for coding accuracy prior to submission to avoid denials and payment delays.  IHM will also submit all secondary and tertiary claims after primary insurance processing.
  • Accounts Receivable Management:  IHM employs a team of highly skilled, experienced AR specialists that are dedicated solely to AR.  Our team will work your AR daily to ensure denied or unprocessed claims are corrected and processed correctly and in a timely manner.  The most common factor in revenue loss is claims that are denied for untimely filing due to inconsistent AR follow up.  IHM’s dedication to timely AR follow-up will prevent these denials from affecting your bottom line.
  • Customer Service:  Is your front office bogged down by patient accounting calls?  IHM will take all patient accounting calls directly to ensure that patients are well informed of their account status.
  • Fee Schedule Updates:  Is your AR inflated?  Are you undercharging causing loss of revenue?  IHM will review your fee schedules annually to ensure that you are charging accurately based on your Medicare and commercial payor contract fee schedules. 
  • Coding:  Are you worried about over and under coding?  Both can trigger payor audits as well as revenue loss.  IHM will conduct chart audits using CMS Evaluation and Management Guidelines to ensure your documentation and coding are accurate. The coding process not only looks to enhance coding opportunity but trains physicians and staff on appropriate coding methodology.
  • Monthly Financial Reporting:  IHM provides monthly collection reports in an easy to read format that will give you an at glance view of your monthly AR aging, collections, adjustments and charges.
  • Staff Updates:  IHM understands the importance of staff education.  IHM will create staff updates based on common denials that are caused by staff errors such as demographic entry and coding.
  • Benefits:  Are you checking benefits on your patients?  Are you collecting the appropriate deductibles and copayments up front?  IHM will check benefits daily for scheduled patients to ensure you are a preferred plan provider (reducing out of network denials) as well as ensuring the office is aware of any deductibles, copayments or coinsurance amounts due at the time of service increasing upfront collections and reducing fees associated with patient collections.
  • Software:  IHM has extensive experience in a number of medical billing softwares.  Don’t have your own billing software?  No problem, use our software at a fraction of the cost of purchasing your own.  IHM can also assist in research and implementation of new software purchases.

The Team Approach

IHM’s billing services will bring efficiency to your medical billing and collections.  IHM can free your staff from tedious, time consuming billing tasks. This allows you and your staff to concentrate on treating your patients and achieving high patient satisfaction levels.

IHM will create a billing policy based on the specific needs of your practice.  You keep full control of your checks and explanation of benefits (EOBs) as they will continue to come to your practice.  We offer a number of options to share this information with IHM such as scanning, courier and fax service.

IHM assembles a billing team dedicated to each of its clients.  The team is designed based on your needs and can include a data entry specialist, accounts receivable specialist, denial tracker and a team leader to insure adherence to your individual billing policy.